Pedals remounted and starting on wipers


Today I worked on mounting everything under the dash. First was put the pedals back in then remove all the old stuff from the car.


It took a while to get the pedals in place and get the steering wheel at the right height to be comfortable driving. But after it was in I checked the fit of the heater box and it has plenty of room on the passenger side. I then started fitting the Metro wiper assembly into the car. It is a different width between the posts and the motor will be in a different place but I think I can get it all working. I just need to come up with an easy way to modify the sweep angle of the drivers side wiper to get it to sweep a bit wider than stock.

I managed to get the holes to put the shafts through sized properly and get the wiper shafts put in place. They are not mounted yet. I will probably have to glue them in place to mount them. The motor will probably be the hardest part to get mounted since it will be mounted under the dash instead of through the firewall and will mount  backwards. I will experiment with the mounting tomorrow and see if I can get a working setup.