Planning the tube chassis


I put the car back in the garage and turned it up on it's side. I cut away the rust on the passenger side and have it ready to lay out the new frame. I used a section of fence post that is about 1.6" diameter to see how it would work putting the tube inside the rocker and it looks like it will work about perfect. The plan is run the tube from the rear inner suspension mount to the front inner suspension mount. From there I will build a bar that connects across the firewall and attaches the steering rack. I will also make a bar to join the rear somehow. Once that is in place I can start filling in the rest of the cage.


So now I will order the tubes I need to build it. There is nothing else to be done now other than wait for the tubing to come in. When it comes in I will be able to start building the cage. Hopefully by weekend if they have some of it in stock.