Pressure Washed the Convertible Shell to Uncover All the Rust


IMAGE013 I have a bit of a warm day today so I moved the car out of the garage into the yard and took the pressure washer to it at full power to see if I could uncover any more rust holes.

The Car had a lot more dirt on it than I would have thought. I sprayed it down and got everything off it I could. I found a few more rust areas on it and I think I pretty much have figured out all the rust areas and now can start planning on how to build a new chassis for it.


It really had a lot more grease in the engine bay than I thought so I ended up spraying the entire engine bay with a good coating of oven cleaner. It took two coats to get it clean. Now the engine bay has very little grease and it is much easier to figure out what is rusted and what was just dirt.


The only thing left that needs removed is the gas tank and fuel lines. The exhaust fell off it when I moved it out of the garage so that is one problem that took care of itself.