Rear Inner Fenders Replaced and Cut Springs


The Inner fenders were a pain to get in without hurting the paint but they are both finally in. I bent them anywhere that they were getting close to the tire. There is plenty of room on the back end to clear even bigger tires. The front has one or two spots that rub but I will work on that later when I seal up the front inner fenders.


100_0319While I had the rear suspension off the car to fit the inner fenders in place I went ahead and put the springs off a 97 model on the car after cutting a coil off them. The 96+ cars had the stiffest springs since they were the heaviest Metros. So cutting the springs makes them a bit stiffer. The car has no sway bars so with the stiff springs and the tires I picked the car should still handle well without them. I will let the springs settle down over a day or two before deciding if I need to cut the coils down any more. The way it sits right now it needs a small bit lower but it may settle out over time. The wheels are within a half inch of where they need to be so I am close but I will probably need to trim a tiny amount off the rear springs to level the car up.