Rear Inner Suspension Mounts Almost Done


Got the new suspension mounts started now. I still need to go through and cut a lot of the old stuff away and weld on some extra bracing but it is basically done. Next is to build new shock tower mounts then I can cut away the last of the rear unibody. The rear crossmember was not really in bad shape but without the trunk floor it was way to weak to actually leave in place. The new setup once it is finished will be much stronger than the old setup and give me plenty of room for the air duct through the back.


The gas tank will be sitting in more or less the stock location but it will be about 6 inches higher up. There is nothing else near where the gas tank used to be so I can put it pretty much anywhere without it being in the way. I probably won't build mounts for it till I have most of everything else complete so I can make sure it clears everything.