Rear mostly complete


Last time I welded up the entire rear end solid before test fitting it to make sure everything looked just right. This time I learned my lesson and while it was just spot welded in place I put the trunk lid and tires on it and lowered it to the ground as much as the spot welds could take then made sure it was all good. The front tire is not attached it is just sitting in the fender well so it is maybe a half inch farther out than it will be when bolted on as well as not centered in the opening. The rear is in the right position and it looks much better where it is at. The car is still a lot higher off the ground than it will eventually be.


After it was test fit and looked good. I started to properly build the rear frame back. It was much easier this time. Mostly because the main frame bar is already in place and solid. I have it welded good enough to hold it solid and I still need a few braces to finish it. I will finish it up completely tomorrow. Then I can finally start on the front end and get it put together as good as the rear end.