Rear suspension mounted


The hubs came back from the machine shop today. So I started putting the rear suspension together properly. I didn’t have a large enough bolt for the lower control arm mount so I will have to get one later for it. I bolted the struts and tie rods down solidly and mounted the hubs and rotors after drilling the rotors to match the hubs. The brake calipers I put on are from the front Metro suspension. I have a set of swift GT calipers ordered that are made for the rear that have the parking brake setup in them that I will put on once I get them. But for now I won’t have a parking brake. The passenger side CV axle fit perfectly on the drivers side so I will just have to cut and lengthen one side now.


The wheel spacing looks good now. I like the looks of it much better than when I had them set the same width front and rear. The car is not sitting as high in the air as it was but it is still probably 3 inches higher than it is supposed to be. As I put more in the car it will hopefully start sitting lower to the ground so I don’t have to cut the springs to make it ride at the right height.

I am still a long way away from having it ready to drive but at least now it is looking much more like a car than it used to. I will probably get the gas tank out of the old frame and see how well it fits in the car. If it fits I will start on the gas tank and shifter setup next.