Scottoiler Touring Kit Install on a DR650


The regular Scottoiler kit works well and is easy to mount on a DR650. I didn't want to have to fill the tank every 400-800 miles since I ride that much weekly sometimes. So the touring kit seemed like the best idea.

The DR has plenty of room on the license plate bracket. You just have to cut off the bumps molded into it that the plate mounts to stock. I just used a hacksaw layed flat against it and cut them off. From there Just drill the center lower hole and bolt the tank on. The top holes go through the opening left from the license plate mount but with a washer on the back they hold on just fine.


The hoses route easily along side the stock wiring and had no issues. I just used the stock wiring hold down locations and fed the hoses through them. The vacuum source is easy to find at the fuel petcock. I just cut the line and put the tee on it.


The oiler tube took a little bit of messing around. I cut the brackets up that came with the kit and mounted them to hold the tube in a good location. I had to cut away a little bit of the chain guide but not enough to weaken it.


Now the oiler is set up and working good. The tube isn't really noticeable on the swing arm. Right now it is clean compared to a dirty bike but soon it will be just as dirty and be pretty much invisible.