Sealed up holes, Test Fit Dash


This weekend has been a lot of things that don't photograph well again. I started with sealing up all the holes and gluing shut everything that is no longer being used in the car. I had to seal the cowl opening for fresh air and the sides of the firewall. After that I cut up the heater box and blower motor and made a compact defroster setup. I cut the back off the heater box and used a few screws to mount the blower motor so it pointed directly into the opening that the defroster uses. I then just zip tied the heater core over top of the air intake for the blower motor. This will give me defroster heat only with no temperature adjustment or dash vents. The vents are useless in the summer anyway since all they did was blow hot air at you. They will do better as lcd screens for my rear view cameras. I might put a valve on the heater hose if it still has hot air coming off it in the summer but it should be ok without it.


After getting the heater box together I stuck it in the car. I need to get some hoses to connect it up but it takes up a lot less space than a stock one now. I have 2 amps, 3 watt phone booster, cruise control module, carpc, and the megasquirt computer to mount in the dash so it will be full of junk even with all the factory stuff gone.


So this weekend I didn't get much done but some small detail junk, but at least it is some stuff out of the way.