Side Skirts Painted and Belly Pan Started


First thing today was painting the side skirts. I had them prepped yesterday so other than covering the tires with garbage bags and wiping the car down they were ready to paint. Now the car looks real good from the sides. The pictures don't look that good but I will get it out and get much better pictures as soon as the bottom is done.


After they had a chance to dry for about 6 hours I started putting the last stuff together. I had the brackets already made up for the seats so they are finally bolted down now and secured. The Coroplast belly pan is pretty straightforward to install now that the bottom of the car is totally flat with nothing in the way. I only got the rear sections done. I am trying to install it in a way that the main parts can be removed if needed to work on the car easily. I will probably make a center section in the front cover that can be removed to get at the engine without taking the entire front panel out. It will be used for changing oil and any minor work that needs done. Anything larger will require removing the whole panel but that should not be that hard really.


I will probably leave it white since there is no way it can be seen easily. I will have to take the back bumper off and fix some bad places in it next so while it is off I will paint the inside black where it can be seen from the back grille as shown in the second to last picture.