Started Putting the Floor In


Got the last of the welds done on the strut towers so now it is time to start with the floor. I ran braces across the interior, making sure they line up with the seat rails so when I attach the seats they are right against the solid bracing and not just supported by the floor. I made the mounts for the gas tank so it now has a good solid place to mount. It is about 5 inches higher than the stock location and a few inches farther back. I did not leave it in the stock location since that would interfere with the air duct through the car. I plan on making the trunk floor stay level with the bottom of the tail lights so there won't be much room in the trunk but it will make the air directed to the most ideal spot I can find to exit the rear of the car.


Tomorrow I should be able to get the floor finished if I can find enough old appliances to get the metal from. I figured why bother with getting 22ga steel when the shop here was not wanting to order just a sheet or two so I just started rounding up old washers and dryers. The metal in them works fine and this way I can reuse something directly instead of having to have it recycled.