Started Reshaping the Back End


After spending a few days measuring and trying to find the best square on the trunk lid I managed to get a line that looked pretty good. So today it was time to cut the trunk lid and get started shaping it to be set up the way I am wanting. It was pretty quick to cut, I just used a jigsaw and followed my line around the whole thing.

From there I glued in some foam to fill in the area. I did some rough shaping and set the wing on top to see how it looked.


I was not happy with how the foam shaped and it was not easy to shape in the tight space so I pulled the center piece out and tried again with cardboard. It held the curve much better and is a lot closer to what I am after.


It is just taped in place and is not tight to the body but it is more or less where I want it to be. I will have to round the edge over but that would be easier once I get a layer of fiberglass on the cardboard. First thing I need to do before I fiberglass it all solid again is to smooth up the lower cut line. It is going to be where the trunk lid closes so there is no point in joining it back together just to cut it back apart as soon as it is done. I will get that line evened out and smooth then tape it up so the top part doesn’t bond to it. That will make cutting the rest of top free much easier.


Overall I think it looks pretty good and it will make the car look better by breaking up some of the huge flat areas on the car. The wing is still slightly oversized but once I get the trunk lid fiber glassed back together I will do the final shaping on it and then reduce it 1/8 inch and fiberglass over it. I am not sure if it is worth using a bit of acetone or something and removing the foam out from inside the wing or just leave it there after it is done. I am thinking for now to just leave it in there.