Starting rear subframe


With the suspension looking good and in place it is time to actually build a rear frame for the car. I had to put the trunk back on for the next part. With the trunk on I had to put the car in the air far enough to get under it and measure and fit the main tube. The main tube runs straight back and will have bracing to all the other parts of the car. I was not able to find a position for it that cleared both the engine mount and the transmission mount. I will have to build a new transmission mount to get it located somewhere else. That should not be that much of an issue really. I might be able to just flip it over or something to get it to clear. I will figure that out later.


Next up is to put the spare motor back in the car and get motor mounts located. Then I can build the final strut tower brackets and all the main points will be located on the chassis. Then a bit of bracing and it is time to strip everything out of the back of the car to clean and paint the frame.