Stripped the interior on the project convertible


Time to start stripping down the car and seeing what all is wrong with it and what is rusted out. I took the entire interior out of it and found very little rust on the back half of the car. The front half has holes in the floor though. I will pull the front end apart later and get it down to basically a rolling shell.

The interior was in pretty good shape but I am probably not going to use a lot of it on my buildup of the car. I have plenty of time to decide what to do with it so there is no point in worrying about it for now. I am thinking the wiring on this car is really confusing and I would probably be better off just getting a painless wiring kit and rewiring the car myself. This would also eliminate a lot of the extra crap in the wiring harness that isn't really needed. I will have a better idea once the front end is stripped down.