Stripping and updating the front suspension


The front crossmember had a lot of stuff welded to it and in general was a pretty good mess. I have most of the old frame cut off it except for one part. I will cut it off eventually but it makes a useful handle for now. I managed to get the lower control arm bushing cut off one side without damaging the frame. I was able to put the new control arms on and weld the lower arm mounts in place. I will do the other side next before cutting the last of the old frame off. Once the control arms are replaced and the crossmember is cleaned up I will widen it so I no longer need wheel spacers.


After widening it all that is left is to put it in position in the car and build a new frame to attach it. I am planning on running the interior all the way up to the crossmember this time so I have plenty of foot room. The only thing I am still needing is to figure out where to find a wider steering rack.