Throttle and clutch cables installed


Today didn’t seem like much getting done but I probably took the pedals off and reinstalled them 15 times to get everything lined up. The throttle cable worked out pretty easy since it had a lot of clearance to line everything up and get it drilled. The clutch was in a hard to get to place so that took most of the time to get right. Once I got them mounted to the firewall running them to the back and connecting everything up was much easier. Now the car has a working throttle and clutch. The brake booster is also installed. I just need to get the lines to run for the remote reservoir and wait for the rear rotors to be drilled out then the brakes can be installed as well.


Since I can’t do the brakes and rear suspension until the hubs are back from the machine shop and the steering parts are not in yet. I will probably mount the trunk lid and get a few other large parts installed like the gas tank.