Top and Wheels Installed


The new top was pretty simple to install really once all the screws were found. There is a video on how to do it on that shows how to put a top on. It fits nice and snug but I left the side pieces off till I paint the car. The tires also came in and were mounted on the rims. They are Sumitomo HTR 200 175/70R14 tires. With a RRC Average of 0.0092 so they are really a pretty good tire with low rolling resistance. I picked up a set of 14 inch smoothie hubcaps from cripesdistributing for $18. That is the absolute best deal on these hubcaps. They are the same set I used on my 12 inch tires I just cut them down to fit over a set of 12 inch beauty rings on the old rims.


The pictures of the tires show the relative height of each tire. the small one is a 155/12 tire the middle one is a 175/70R13 tire off the convertible. The last picture shows how much bigger the tires are compared to the 12s. Since they are LRR tires and are rated for 51psi pressure they should be pretty nice and with the extra diameter I will drop 250 rpms at 60mph. The only bad thing is the car sits up in the air pretty high now.

I also have the car wet sanded and ready for paint. I have to get some plastic and make a paint booth for it but very soon now it will be a blue car and I can put the bumpers back on and see what it looks like.