Travel Pictures


Leaving WV the plan was to cover as much ground as quick as possible to get past the Mississippi river. So we didn't waste much time stopping and getting pictures of the interstate.


Here was our first stop for gas and something to eat. The food was typical gas station food, but I like gas station food so we ate and were off again. We made it to Memphis on the first day and got a hotel room. We covered 750 miles the first day and made it as far as we were wanting to go.

The next day was more of the same. We went through Arkansas and stopped to look at the Mississippi river if you are wondering what the  driving around was on the tracking page. The rest of Arkansas was not much to look at. It pretty much looks like any interstate road. Oklahoma was starting to flatten out pretty good. We stopped short of Oklahoma City and got a room for the night. This is a scenic overlook on the highest thing around. I wonder if the locals call it a mountain?


The third day we were getting into places that were more interesting so we didn't make as good time but there are lots of neat pictures.


Texas was mostly just a flat stretch of road as the pictures show.


We made it to Santa Rosa NM where we are staying in a hotel for the night. Tomorrow we will be in Arizona and will probably camp if we can make it before dark.