Trunk Battery Mounts


The batteries that go in the trunk took a bit more effort to mount than I thought they would. I had to lower the trunk floor about a half inch first. That was not that difficult the way the car is built. Then I had to build a frame to go around the batteries to hold them all together. I made the frame 2 parts. The front part that is bolted down and the rear U shaped part to bolt down after putting the batteries in place. I ran out of bolts so it isn’t installed yet. I ran a 3/4 square tube across the tops of the batteries for a hold down.


One problem is the trunk frame is a bit closer to the terminals than I would like. I will cut that part of the old frame away and cover it with wood before putting the trim back over it to hide the mess. I didn’t get the springs installed yet but it looks like it dropped the back an inch and a half lower than the front. So I will stick a stock set of rear springs in first to see if it sits level. If not I will use a front set of springs to get it sitting where I want it.