Trunk latch made


I wanted a trunk latch that worked like a real car and not some crazy thing that needs pins or several places to unlatch it like it used to be. I mounted the Metro hood latch to the roll bar using only one bolt for now but I will build a mounting plate later on. I put a brace across the trunk lid and put a pin on the brace to hit the latch. Right now I only have a set of cables hanging out of the side of the car to open the trunk but it works good enough for now the way it is. I need to modify the trunk hinges slightly. Instead of having them welded solid I need to make them bolt on so they can be adjusted. When I welded them down good and solid the tab shifted slightly and now the trunk is slightly off center. That is an easy mod to make and I will do that after I take the trunk lid off.


It was hard to get a good picture of the trunk latch. All the colors kind of blended together. After everything gets painted and cleaned up it will be a lot easier to see how it works. The plan is to have a normal pull handle on the dash to pop the trunk lid. Then when I get out I can pull the safety latch located in the drivers side wheel well and pull the lid open. A set of gas struts will hold it open most likely. I will see if I can come up with a good way to mount them next. If I can’t then I will probably just use a safety chain to keep it from going too far backwards.