Trunk Lid Bolted Down


Didn’t get much time to work on the car today but I did manage to get the trunk lid bolted down solidly.

The trunk has a slight warp in it and it made it a bit hard to get lined up. After getting one side bolted down I used the straps to pull the other side tight and bolt it down. After that I just had to bolt the old hinge section in place and it is now attached solidly to the frame.


It only has one bolt in each corner but that is holding it flat and I hope it will pull the warp out of it over time. I will put several more brackets on it and make sure it is really solidly mounted before cutting it open. But before I do that I am going to redo the rear spoiler section. In the last picture you can see where the water always collects, I am thinking of just rounding the back off and putting a wing on. That will let the water run under it and not puddle up and soak the interior when hitting the brakes hard. I will build up something in foam and see if it looks nice before cutting the spoiler lip off the car.