Windshield Installed and Base Coat of Paint Done


This weekend has been slow going, it has been over 90 every day and really high humidity. I got all the dents and bad places smoothed out on the body and the base white paint is on there good and dry now.

I loaded the car up on a trailer and hauled it in to get a windshield installed so it is looking more like a car all the time. Tomorrow the tires should be in, I got Sumitomo HTR 200 175/70R14 tires. They should drop my RPMs down by ~250 at 60MPH. I will start on wet sanding the whole car tomorrow with 180 grit paper and hopefully get the blue paint on it Thursday. You can see all the trim pieces I am trying to sort out laying on the hood of the car.


The second picture shows what is left of the old xfi shell. There isn't anything actually on it now except for the wheels and suspension so I can push it around easily. They will be coming off soon and the shell will be headed for the scrap yard.