Wiring finished up on the 6.5 engine


I got a few more things done today. Mostly just getting the electrical stuff together. I also had to make a battery tray for the second starter battery.

TIMG_20101122_223127here is enough room to fit one battery under the hood but not enough for both of them so I had to mount one battery up under the body. I ended up fitting it right beside the transmission. I used the battery tray from the G30 and cut it to fit in the opening I had available. I had to add a few more brackets to make it solid. It is now mounted and the heavy wires are ran back to it. I still need to make a cover for it to keep it from getting soaked every time it rains but that is easy and I think I already have something here that will work for it. I am not worried about it for now though I just want to get it running to make sure it is not going to be in the way before I bother with it.

With the batteries sorted out I turned to the wiring. I have already cleaned out the astro engine harness and removed the gas engine’s computer. So the only parts left of the astro wiring were to the dashboard gauges. I cleaned up the G30 harness of the non engine wiring and put it in the van and started combining the wiring and getting everything hooked up. I have the factory service manuals for both vans so it was pretty easy just tracing each wire and joining them up. Since they were both 94 models all the wire colors matched up as well so that made it even easier.


With the wiring done it is getting near complete. Still to do are the exhaust and all the engine accessories as well as the radiator. After that it should be real close to driving.