Wiring Harness and Engine Installed


The wiring harness was not that hard to install into the car. I have been labeling everything as I take it apart on the XFi so it was just a matter of fishing all the wire through the holes and into the interior. From there I just unhooked it from the zip ties and moved it to the new body. I then ran the wires back through the sides and into the front. I left the rear harness on the old body and will transfer it over later. I have not installed the computer or any of the dashboard components yet. After getting the wiring sorted out under the hood I reinstalled the engine. I connected the engine wiring back up and the relay box. The radiator is just temporarily installed so I can make the lower support and find a good location for the battery tray. The overflow bottle and washer fluid bottle will go in the inner fender area to get them out of the way.


Today's pictures were from a cell phone so they look a bit worse than my normal ones. I will be back to my normal camera next time though. Also if anyone who is following this build is using the email notification on the top right of the page, if it is working let me know. I put it on there and am not sure if it is sending out notices when I make a new post.