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Front Inner Fenders Sealed and Chapmanville Car Show Pics

Forgot to bring the camera in and get these pictures off the other day, better late than never. I sealed up the front inner fenders much better than how they were before. This time instead of using plastic to seal them I used aluminum flashing…

New Exhaust and Battery Moved to Trunk

Been a while since the last update. After getting the car put together good enough for the show I pretty much quit working on it so I could get some house work done. I had other things needing completed before fall and the car had to wait. The last few details have been taken care of over time and today I got a good exhaust installed.

Modified Turbo City Touring Windshield for a DR650

The Turbo City Touring Windscreen is a pretty nice addition to a DR650 but it has two issues that bothered me. It is not adjustable and it locks the handlebars to the forks so the rubber vibration isolators no longer work. This is a simple change I did to fix both problems at once. Update: I also modified it so the screen is now height adjustable

Scottoiler Touring Kit Install on a DR650

The regular Scottoiler kit works well and is easy to mount on a DR650. I didn't want to have to fill the tank every 400-800 miles since I ride that much weekly sometimes. So the touring kit seemed like the best idea.