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Making a Front Spoiler to Improve Aerodynamics

IMG_20121112_165547It is common knowledge that extending the lower lip of the bumper improves mileage by reducing overall drag of the car. So in this post I will show adding a spoiler to the front bumper of a stock 91 Metro. To start with I am using something called Fiber-Edge landscape edging, it is available at a lot of hardware stores like Lowes. It is around $35 a roll and that is enough to do a several cars. I also am using small pieces of angle iron and some self drilling screws to attach it all.

Finished painting my Astro

After a lot of work removing the stripes and sanding down the paint around the stripes to get it all smooth again the van is now painted.

Starting to Paint My Astro Van

The interior and drivetrain of the van are all in good shape and don’t really need much work. But the outside has been looking terrible for years. So to make the whole thing much nicer to drive around in it needs to get new paint.

Gas tank, floor, and radiator installed

Today I worked on getting a few things mounted. I first made a few brackets to mount the gas tank in place. I had to raise it an inch and a half off the frame to clear the shifter rods. It will also need the…